Chinese New Year’s Poem

POEMS WITH A SOCIAL/POLITICAL THEME - poems by Bhikkhu Moneyya - Chinese New Year’s Poem

To live in peace, we must forgive,
As we would be forgiven.
By forgiving, we release the heart
And receive the gift we’ve given.

Two wrongs indeed don’t make a right,
But one right can right two wrongs;
This is heaven’s golden mean
And the sweetest of all songs.

It soothes the raging beast within
And brings an end to war;
It overcomes all enmity
And leads to freedom’s shore.

So easily the debt is dropped
The moment we forgive
And set ourselves a higher norm –
To live and to let live.

Then peace will reign throughout the land,
And harmony’s bright ray
Will shine within our hearts again
On Chinese New Year’s Day.

Chinese New Year’s Day
Bodhi-Heart Sanctuary
Penang, Malaysia
February 14, 2010


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