Ode to My Smartphone

POEMS WITH A SOCIAL/POLITICAL THEME - poems by Bhikkhu Moneyya - Ode to My Smartphone

Smartphone, smartphone, on my stick,
Whose selfie is the fairest one of all?
Whose texts and tweets are full of wit?
Who is the queen of the virtual ball?

Smartphone, smartphone, in my pocket,
Hallowed be the names of Samsung and iPhone,
Of Sprint and Verizon and AT&T,
For 5G will come and thy will will be done,
On earth as it is in Facebook.
Give us this day our daily tweet,
And forget not our passwords,
As thou savest the passwords of others.
And lead us not into malware or temptation by spam,
But deliver us from all hackers,
For thine is the platform, the app and the power,
Forever and ever (well, maybe not).

Sanur, Bali
July 2018


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