Offering in Bali

Here’s a song in both Indonesian and English, featuring Bali’s ubiquitous palm leaf offerings (called “canang sari” in Balinese) and comparing them with a far less desirable, but unfortunately far more pervasive type of offering. The images that accompany the song are amazing, providing the viewer with an insight into Bali, at both it’s best and worst. When l asked the singer/songwriter, who is a personal friend of mine, about writing a blurb for the song, he told me that a description was not necessary, and that “the song stands for itself,” which is true. Be that as it may, for the benefit of those who like to look before they leap, I am adding this brief introduction.

Teaching Legong dance to a young Balinese girl, circa 1930

Balinese dance is a tradition that goes back many hundreds of years. It still plays a vital role in the culture and religion of Bali, and even today, most young children in Bali are taught to dance at a young age. Instruction begins at home or at the banjar (the community meeting place), as depicted in the video. Some of the many dances include Barong, trance dance (where dancers actually pierce themselves with swords), monkey dance, Kecak, and Legong (which serves to demonstrate a young girl’s good character). The two girls in the video are practicing Legong.

An interview with CIA asset Susan Lindauer

Listen to the shocking story of Susan Lindauer, who worked as a CIA asset from 1995 until 2003, covering Libya and Iraq, and serving as a back channel in US Government negotiations. In 2004, she was arrested under the Patriot Act, indicted by a grand jury for “acting as an unregistered agent of a foreign government,” incarcerated, and, thanks to the valiant efforts of her partner (who later died of cancer), finally released in 2006. In 2010, Lindauer self-published a book about her experience, titled “Extreme Prejudice: The Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act and the Cover-Ups of 9/11 and Iraq.”

A Talk by Secret Service Agent, Abraham Bolden

Abraham Bolden, born in 1935, became the first African American Secret Service Agent and was personally invited by President John F. Kennedy to serve on his team. Mr. Bolden’s talk is so tragic and inspiring at the same time that it literally brought me to tears. He is a true hero and a patriot in the best sense of the word, who sets a noble example for the rest of us.

Coronavirus from a Perspective Outside the Mainstream

With the growing fear about the Coronavirus pandemic, I was both surprised and reassured to run across this video by Dr. Robert Rowen, who has been treating patients with ozone therapy for the past 33 years. According to Dr. Rowen, ozone likely offers an exceptionally safe, effective and inexpensive therapy for Coronavirus, and he offers a solid argument to back up his conclusions. Unfortunately, without the financial incentive and the backing of pharmaceutical companies, the clinical studies required for medical associations to accept ozone as a proven therapy may never happen.

a complementary video - Tulsi Gabbard on Coronavirus

Here are some of the steps that need to be taken ASAP to slow the spread of the #Coronavirus and protect the health and wellbeing of the American people. #COVID19 #TulsiGabbard

Jimmy Dore Thinks Tulsi Is Better Than Bernie

David Spuria of the Radical Independent is one of my favorite independent newscasters on YouTube. Essentially, all of his videos focus on Congresswoman Gabbard, and what I especially like is the humor and insightfulness that he brings to his commentaries. In this video, he compares Tulsi and Bernie on issues, as well as on a psychological level. I’ve included this video as a complement to my poem, “The Shakespearian Tulsi,” which is in the social/political section of my Poems & Musings page. Click here to go to my poem “The Shakespearian Tulsi.” For more on Tulsi, you can also check the Jimmy Dore Show, as well as Niko House, at the MCSC Network. 

Coronavirus 101 Eye-Opener

In this interview, Dr Judy Mikovits presents a strong argument for questioning our current lockdown strategy and overall approach for dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. Unravelling the history of her relationship with Dr. Anthony Fauci, their falling out, and the controversy that led to her being put under a 5-year gag order, this is a true story of hypocrisy and corruption at the highest levels of the medical profession.

Stand Up for Your Rights, says Bio-Statistician Knut M. Wittkowski

​Who is Knut M. Wittkowski? He is among the many, even many hundreds, of epidemiologists and other medical research professionals whose expertise was not consulted in the frenzied weeks in which the American political class at all levels chose panic and shutdown over rationality and rights.

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